Part IX - Afterthoughts

A theory can never be proven correct. Theories can be proven wrong, but their “correctness” is only as good as supporting evidence and popular belief. Too many times, in these times, theories are presented as fact. The Theory of Gravity, the Theory of Relativity, the Big Bang Theory, are all often explained and taught as fact.

The ways that we explain how the universe works are not set in stone, nor verified by a Supreme Being. As human history has repeatedly shown, all of our deepest-held assumptions about the Laws of Nature could be completely incorrect. That is a fact.

The ideas presented in the preceding pages are not facts, but rather new theories. Theories must have value to the world through beneficial practical applications. Even when perfectly valid, abstract theories are largely irrelevant beyond purely intellectual consideration.

The truthfulness of my theories will stand up only through the work of others to follow. I’m a thinker, not a tinkerer. I certainly would not dare to question formulas of physics concerning mechanics, electromagnetism, or relativity. I intended here to convey a new perspective on why these formulas work.

After so many decades spent deep in thought on these problems, I hope these new ideas inspire others to explore new applications, particularly concerning our space travel technologies. Our only hope for survival is interplanetary colonization, and overcoming gravity is a matter of life or extinction.

May we all work together to accomplish this vital endeavor.

Current Chapter: Part IX

Current Chapter:
Part IX – Afterthoughts